Ruby Olive Carousel Sideshow Bloom Necklace


Exceedingly versatile with a double dose of wow, this gorgeous statement necklace from Ruby Olive will work overtime during the warmer months!

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I absolutely love this necklace by Ruby Olive, chiefly for it’s versatility and ability to inject some fun into any outfit. I shop mostly in block colours and less in busy prints – I find block hues stand the test of time and offer more versatility than a bold print. The benefit of block colours is they leave plenty of room for fabulous accessories to really take things up a notch, like the Sideshow Bloom Necklace. Team Ruby Olive gave me this piece after taking part in their customer photo shoot earlier this year, it became a fast favourite. Being built of so many gorgeous bright colours means it will effortlessly match just about anything, bringing a burst of colour and fun irrespective of whether or not you’re feeling it. A fabulous find from the great team at Ruby Olive.


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