Lululemon Align Pant II


Lululemon’s softest pant, the Align Pant II is made from Nulu fabric to give a ‘naked’ feel. My favourite pant for home, the investment has yielded results in terms of price per wear!

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Lululemon is my activewear provider of choice, despite their arguably expensive price point, I’ve always found their products to make me feel okay about being clad in stretchy stuff.

In 2016 Lululemon started doing this new thing with their crops and pants which was all about choosing a fit by ‘sensation’. Sensations included: tight, hugged, held-in, naked and relaxed. I went to my local Lululemon in Feb 2016, did a quick scout of the store looking for navy crops and saw only a pair, marked has having the sensation ‘naked’. My immediate thought was ‘I don’t want to be naked’. The friendly gal on hand in the pants section let me know they were the only ones in navy (or ‘inkwell as Lululemon call it) and asked what was putting me off the style. I replied ‘I prefer to feel clothed when I leave the house’. She explained that it’s really more about how thick the fabric is and how much compression the pants have and I agreed to give them a go.

THEY ARE THE MOST COMFORTABLE PANTS I HAVE EVER WORN. Bar none. Naked is the correct sensation, the ‘nulu’ fabric makes them totally light and lovely. I was worried that naked would mean thin that would mean displaying all lumps and bumps, but they don’t seem to. They also have the high-waist that I love dearly. I have purchased four pairs, I wear them daily for lounging, exercising and everything in between (they are fabulous for long-haul flying with a long relaxed tee, the most comfortable my bottom half will every possibly be on a plane). Who knew ‘naked’ could be so good?!


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