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Inside the kate spade Madison Avenue flagship store!

June 13 2015
A visual feast today, sublime seekers! I am returned from my travels and keen to share some exciting discoveries - starting with the shop I was most looking forward to visiting in ALL OF THE WORLD - the kate spade Madison Avenue flagship store! First off, what's a flagship store?  A flagship stores is one set apart from others in the chain by the way it showcases the brand. It might be the largest, one tha… go ahead, keep on reading...

Sublime Finds on tour!

June 1 2015
  Hi y'all! Quick note to let you know it's quiet on the blog because I'm on the road! Had a great time in Paris and London, now soaking up NYC! (Literally, it's very wet here today.) As you might expect, I am seizing alllll the shopportunities and sharing the prettiest things on Instagram! [caption id="attachment_2165" align="aligncenter" width="700"] You can follow along @sublimefinds[/caption… go ahead, keep on reading...

What’s all the fuss about Black Friday?

November 27 2014
Hearing some internet buzz about Black Friday? Feeling a bit confuzzled about all the excitement? Want to know what's in it for you? I've got you covered sublime-seekers! For many Australians, the term 'Black Friday' makes us think about the awful awful Victorian bushfires of a few years back. This is confusing, because that was an awful event, and the Black Friday happening this week is kinda the mess… go ahead, keep on reading...