Purchasing Power of the Femeconomy

September 26 2016

Did you know that women make over 85% of all purchase decisions!? This little statistic sparked a big idea for the team behind Femeconomy who have developed a way for us to use our everyday shopping  decisions to create a difference for women everywhere.

Information is power

Over time, we’ve been given more and more information to make consumer choices. Are the chemicals used in this household cleaner bad for the environment? Are these cosmetics tested on animals? Are these sneakers made in a sweat shop? The visibility of information has not only shaped the decisions we make as consumers, but encourages business themselves to operate in a way that reflects the expectations of their customers.  Through purchasing power and consumer demand we are empowered to change the world, one transaction at a time. (Now that is a good reason to shop if ever there was one!)

So how do we want to use our consumer power?  

Jade Collins and Alanna Bastin-Byrne are Femeconomy’s founders and two social entrepreneurs with a very clear answer to this question: they want to make the world a better place for their daughters. To do so, they are connecting us with the ability to influence gender equality through our purchases.

Femeconomy founders Jade Collins and Alanna Bastin-Byrne

Founders of Femeconomy: Jade Collins and Alanna Bastin-Byrne

Promoting women was already good for business

Research shows that going from having no women in corporate leadership to 30% females is associated with a 1% increase in net margin, which translates to a 15% increase in profitability for a typical firm. The shift is often a result of the benefits of diversity: different people means different thinking which leads to better decision making and results.

Yet as citizens of the world, we know there’s other reasons we need to support women joining the top tiers of business. For too long women have been prevented from reaching their potential by societal norms that reserved boardrooms for men only. The glass ceiling does not exist due to capability, but custom and often sets the tone for the organisation as a whole. While these customs are changing and the pipeline of talent in Australia is filling out with females, the shift at the top has been painstakingly slow.

But what if the onus for change was not based purely on the ‘pull’ of better business results and doing the right thing, but also the ‘push’ of consumer preference?

Enter Femeconomy

Femeconomy are giving consumers like you and me information to enable us to choose to support businesses that support women. Their research has spanned 2,000 brands to identify those who’ve demonstrated their commitment to gender equality with at least 50% female ownership or 30% women on their board.


Imagine this:

  • You’re standing in the toiletries aisle trying to decide between Carefree and Libra… would it interest you to know one organisation has demonstrated a great commitment to equality than the other? Libra has done the better job.
  • You’re picking up an appliance which is available from both Myer and David Jones. Did you know David Jones’ Board of Directors has more than 30% women and Myer’s doesn’t?
  • You test drove the BMW and the Mercedes but can’t decide which to go for. It may want to consider that BMW have demonstrated their commitment to gender equality by ensuring their board is made up of at least 30% females, whereas Mercedes have not.
  • Indifferent about where you bank? Perhaps you’d be surprised to learn that Commonwealth Bank is the only among the ‘big four’ to achieve the Australian Institute of Company Directors key gender diversity target.

Of course price, quality, convenience will enter the equation as factors to consider in making your purchases… but when all else is equal wouldn’t you rather support the business that supports women? And in doing so demonstrate gender equality is a critical consideration for you as a customer?

Our consumer choices are no longer simply a purchase… they are a preference. They are a decision, a vote, a message… and as Femeconomy’s work takes hold, a movement. I for one am SO excited to be able to get behind this one.

Do your favourite brands have the femeconomy tick of approval? Do you think businesses should be doing more to ensure their senior leaders reflect their customers? Do you love the idea of using your consumer power to shift the dial!? I’d love to hear all your thoughts in the comments below! 

Lancôme Hypnose Drama Mascara Review

September 20 2016

A super quick post today to tell you about a new product I am LOVING: Lancôme’s Hypnose Drama mascara!

I picked up a free sample pack of Lancôme products with a purchase in Sephora USA last year. I hadn’t thought much about them until I finally cracked it about the state of my existing mascara which was leaving very fine black residue under my eyes on a daily basis. Out came the Lancôme Hypnose Drama out of sheer desperation to not look like this:


Panda Eyes: trying to avoid this look on a daily basis

I have found it nearly impossible to find a mascara I’m happy with. I want thick, black, drama-filled lashes that stay all day, but will remove at night. I love the Benefit They’re Real mascara but find it a bit nightmarish to get off. I had no expectations that Lancôme Hypnose Drama would deliver, but was absolutely delighted to discover it did! Here’s the before, one-eye and after:

Lancôme Hypnose Drama Mascara Review Before and After

Lancôme Hypnose Drama Mascara Review: Before, One Eye and After *drama drama*

The wand is curved to give seamless application to your whole lash without having to contort yourself into a whole lot of angles which inevitably ends with mascara on your eye lid (errr, that’s not just me, right?).

Lancôme Hypnose Drama Mascara Review Wand

Lancôme Hypnose Drama Mascara Review: the (magic) wand

It stays put all day and washes off without requiring any rigorous wiping. It’s a winner!  I love this mascara so much I didn’t blink a dramatically-lashed eye at paying $52 bucks for a full sized tube. (Available at Myer, DJs or Mecca.)

Lancôme Hypnose Drama Mascara Review: wide-eyed and dramatically lashed!

Lancôme Hypnose Drama Mascara Review: wide-eyed and dramatically lashed!

There you have it, loving my Lancôme lashes!

What is your mascara of choice at the moment? Do you churn through them like me? Lets talk lashes in the comments below! 

iPhone 7 review!

September 18 2016

On Friday morning I defied my usual inability to get up when my alarm goes off, sprung out of bed and rushed off to join the queue for the new iPhone 7 at my local Optus store. While I’ll admit to feeling a little sheepish about being one of them I do get feverishly caught up in the excitement of a new iPhone and kind of revel in the shopping challenge that exists in seizing the new gadget on release day! Mission accomplished: I’m now the owner of a matte black, 256G edition (yep twice as much capacity as the 6!) and I’m delivering an iPhone 7 review for you!

First, about the headphones

Many a misconception on the matter of headphones! Yes, Apple has removed the headphone jack from the new iPhone. No, using wireless, bluetooth Airpods is not the only way to tune in. Apple have once again included a set of headphones in the iPhone box, they plug into the lighting port (same spot you charge the phone from) and work as normal. Well perhaps better than normal, when I called my Mumma she said I sounded clearer than I had on the iPhone 6. Apple have also included a headphone adaptor so you can still use your standard headphones of choice.

iPhone 7 Review

iPhone 7 Review: headphones and standard headphone adaptor included in the pack!

Dang she’s fast

The iPhone 7 has a <insert technical term for processing thing here> that makes the new model noticeably faster than the 6. The battery is apparently longer lasting than the 6 too.

The matter of the home button

*Something* has changed about the home button. It’s supposedly no longer a button on it’s own but is fused with the screen. It feels a bit different to touch (in fact you can choose in the setup how you want it to feel) and it’s much faster to recognise your thumb print and open to the home screen. While this is mostly great, when my alarm went off this morning I (half-asleep) picked up my phone with my thumb on the home button and turned the alarm off without even realising. A trap for those of us non-morning types.

The camera

The iPhone 7 has had a camera upgrade, however the specs now differ significantly between the standard size iPhone and the larger iPhone Plus which got an additional lens to take the photo quality into DSLR territory. The camera on the standard iPhone 7 is fantastic: this model has a larger aperture which enables greater depth of field in shots (i.e. where you have something in focus up close with the background blurry). Those upgrading from a 6 will notice an enormous increase in quality of the selfie camera which has gone from 1.2 megapixels to 7 megapixels.


Can’t promise you won’t smash your screen, but this is the first iPhone that is splash, water and dust resistant! Apple have said the iPhone can survive submersion in water up to 1 metre. As you’d expect the internet is quickly putting that to the test and the phone is excelling. While you can’t operate the phone underwater, if it does take a quick dip in the sink you won’t be offline while it chills in a container of rice for two days.

Lets get loud!

The iPhone 7 now has speakers at the bottom and top of the phone and can pump out twice as much noise as the iPhone 6. The sound quality is fantastic, it is moving into the territory of a mini speaker, it easily fills a room with sound.

*Live* photos

The iPhone 7 gives you the ability to take ‘live’ photos. The camera records 1.5 seconds before and after your actual picture to give a feel for what was actually happening at photo time. It reminds me of the newspapers in Harry Potter where the pictures moved!


Harry Potter totally inspring the iPhone ‘live’ photo feature.

This feature was included in the iPhone 6s and SE release. It’s new for me and already much-adored!

iOS 10

The iPhone 7 comes with a new operating system which will be available to download for other iPhone users now, too. While the 7’s hardware has some great new elements, the iOS 10 software is absolutely packed with fun new features. iMessage has had a major upgrade making it much more fun and interactive to send texts with gifs, live drawings and even animations when you send certain words (like confetti if you say congratulations).


iPhone 7 review: iOS 10 is THE SHIZZLE.


There are a bunch of new photo editing features, including the ability to mark up or draw on a photo or video you’ve taken. There’s also a new home screen you can access by swiping right which includes news snippets, app suggestions and upcoming appointments. Have a quick google of iOS 10 to get a feel for some of the fun new stuff – there’s heaps I’m still discovering!


That’s my highlights reel! Is it ‘the best iPhone yet’? Of course it is! Saying it’s the best iPhone yet is the stupidest way to market the damn thing, Apple! But it is a super sweet gadget and wholey endorsed as a Sublime Find device of choice!

Are you planning to upgrade to the iPhone 7? Have you downloaded iOS10? If yes, how are you liking it? Hit me with all your iThoughts in the comments section below! 

9 things I’ve been doing instead of blogging

September 11 2016

Hello, sublime seekers! We seem to have had another dry spell here at Sublime Finds and I thought it’s well time I explain myself and my absence! I’m offering up 9 things I’ve been doing instead of blogging over the last few months, with varying levels of validity.

1. Puppy Wrangling

Those following along my ever-so-slightly-less-neglected-Instagram-feed @sublimefinds may recall we welcomed a second Schnoodle into our lives earlier this year, Sadie Sue.


Sadie Sue at 9 weeks old.

Sadie Sue has not taken to training in the same manner as Archie Boo, schnoodle number one. Sadie is more interested in All Of The Things where as Archie was more interested in tricks-for-treats which was delightful. Nevertheless, what she lacks in discipline she makes up for in cuteness.

Sadie favourite things are: Archie, biting face with Archie, harassing Archie, duck (in chewy jerky form) and duck (her favourite toy she sleeps with each night).

2. University

As much as I regularly try to pretend it’s not happening, I am enrolled in a Masters degree! I’m currently doing my 8th of 12 subjects and am in between two of my big assessment pieces for the trimester. Which means my house is cleaner than usual! Because procrastination.

3. The Diversity Practitioners Association

Also in the category of adulting, six fantastic humans and  I formed a not-for-profit professional industry association earlier this year, the Diversity Practitioners Association (DPA). The main focus of my day job is helping my organisation embrace and leverage diversity to be even more awesome. The DPA was founded to help practitioners like me to learn and connect! It’s been so wonderful: we’ve had some great sponsors come on board and I’ve been learning lots about making a NFP work. (Like, it takes plenty of effort, and is very rewarding).

4. Watching Reality TV

Perhaps because the last two points make me feel as if I’m using my brainpower for good, I am also willing to admit I’ve been immersing myself in the morally defunct world of reality tv. My poisons of choice: Real Housewives of New York (Bethenny is back!), Shahs of Sunset (season 5 is the best season of reality tv I have everrrrr seen) and The Bachelor. I have previously refused to watch The Bachelor on the basis of my feminist principles, but then I saw an ad of the first rose ceremony where one of the girls nibbled her rose after receiving it from Dickie Bach.


So much crazy: rose nibbling on this year’s Bachelor.

Everyone has limits, and that much bat-shit-crazy is mine. #TeamNikki

5. Eating Cadbury Salted Caramel Chocolate

ICYMI: Cadbury has released salted caramel flavoured chocolate.


Accurately described.

It is sold only at Coles. It is life changing. And potentially pant-size changing.

6. Travelling!

JS spent winter basking in the European summer ‘working’ in Slovakia. After 11 weeks, I started to think he was never coming home so went and found him and we had a two weeks road tripping through Austria, Switzerland, France and Italy (mainly).


Nice, France. I took this photo. It really looked like that! Everyday reality does not measure up.

It was glorious. I’ll share a bit more about the trip soon in my *new* blog category Travel! Travel is replacing Wellness which was clearly never my bag, see points 4 and 5 above. *Ahem.*

7. Feeling guilty about my budget blow outs!

Oh friends, if there’s anything that’s actually prevented me from blogging, it’s the rather large confessional due on this topic. I intend to reveal all most soon and get back on track with the $500 a month deal we had for this year.

8. Problogger Conference

I have just returned from two fabulous days on the Gold Coast at the annual Problogger conference. It was jam-packed with excellent tips and all the motivation I needed to get my blogging groove back.

The bloggerati are an excellent people. I know it’s not right to pick favourites, but I was so glad to have some face time Miss Chardy who I met two conferences ago in the lunch line where we did mutual blonde appreciation.

Blondes that blog: Problogger hangs with Miss Chardy

Chards is the life of the party and is exceedingly hilarious. She lives on a gigantic cattle property in the NT and blogs about her love of chardonnay and her adventures in ‘Bum Truck Nowhere’. Do pop over to MissChardy.com for a few lols, ideally at wine time.

9. Thinking about Christmas!  

We are officially in the Christmas third of the year! I *love* this time of year as the weather warms up, the workload (eventually) starts to slow down (a bit), festivity hits the air and the year’s best shopportunities happen! In terms of giving, this year I’m really looking forward to supporting Share the Dignity with the #itsinthebag campaign.


A great cause I’m excited to get behind this Christmas!

The campaign asks Australians to take a handbag they no longer use and fill it with items that would make a woman feel special, even a little note to say you care. The bags are collected between 19 November and 3 December donated to women who’ve put others before themselves and are doing it tough for Christmas. More info here!


So that’s what I’ve been doing! What have you been up to? Anyone else studying and dreading jacaranda/exam time? Are you watching the Bachelor? Are you already following (and loving) Miss Chardy’s outback adventures? Do you love or loathe Christmas? Whatever you’re up to, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below or on facebook