What I learnt wearing 1 dress for 31 days

October 31 2017

Well, friends, it’s 31 October and after 31 days straight of wearing the Leina Broughton Amelia dress, I have hung her up for the last time (… for a while at least) and am reflecting on an amazing Frocktober campaign for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation!

If you read my post at the start of the month, you’d know that I wanted to take on the challenge of wearing one dress all month to 1) raise money for the OCRF and 2) test out a little minimalism and prove you don’t need a huge wardrobe to navigate different events and express who you are through personal style.

There’s been some style theories confirmed and a few surprises too, and tonight I’m sharing my lessons from a month of one dress with you!

1. Wearing a uniform wouldn’t be that bad…

I’ve always felt like fashion was a form of self-expression and variety has brought me joy. But there are lots of ways to bring personality and variety to your styling world beyond your core pieces. I have worn 31 different looks this month for different moods and different occasions and vastly different dress codes. Better yet, it’s made deciding what to wear a super quick process in the morning and travelling enabled me to pack light!

2. Nothing will work as hard in your wardrobe as good quality, versatile pieces.

All points from lesson #1 are only valid in circumstances where your core pieces are good quality and versatile! The Amelia dress was designed by team LB for ultimate levels of versatility. I can firmly attest that pieces that can transition with your life are so worth the investment.

3. Navy is the ultimate colour for summer

I’m a little black dress gal at heart, but opted for navy this month for a slightly softer (and more royal?) hue and I’ve loved it. In the day navy can be paired with light and bright colours for fresh summer feels, in the evening it can team up with metallics and jewel tones to add a bit of glamour. In terms of colour psychology, navy has also been shown to be the best possible colour to wear to a job interview so giving it five stars on the work front, too!

4. Add a pop of colour and add some brightness to your day!

Nothing makes me want to twirl quite like a load of colour. I was lucky enough to pop along to Ruby Olive’s recent customer shoot – I am having MAJOR feels about their Carousel range! Rainbow of colours that go with everything. Skye sent me home with the Carousel sideshow bloom necklace, it’s going straight on high rotation! See it up close here!

Frocktober day 24: add a pop of colour!

5. Big hair makes for casual day looks

A big hair experiment went terribly wrong on Frocktober day 7 and had to be quickly spun into an updo, but by Frocktober day 8, I had perfect Sunday hair! Note strategically placed sunglasses act as hair-tamer!

Frocktober day 8! Sunday vibes for casual hangs.

6. A blazer will sharpen any professional look

Instant credibility! Proof is in the pudding with this one!

Frocktober day 16: work vibes!

7. I could probably be washing more regularly than I do…

A mid-week wash hasn’t been on my radar until Frocktober! Apparently, I can do a quick load in the evening, after all? #WhoEvenKnew?

8. Sparkle and lashes add glamour in spades 

Add a set of lashes and everything gets dialled up a notch! A beauty hack that takes 5 mins but makes you look and feel like there were major levels of effort involved. Double down with some sparkles on your jewels and you’re on the way to max glamour in less than ten minutes.

Frocktober day 21: adding a hint of glamour with some bling from Park Lane Jewellery with Annie and some va va voom lashes

9. There’s plenty of fun to be had in thinking outside the box with layering! 

Frocktober day 27: creative layering with a broderie top from country road, belted for a cute peplum shape! Feeling kinda genius in this one!


Frocktober day 13: a casual friday look with a polka dot button down tied at the waist.

10. A neutral trench goes with EVERYTHING

See lesson number 2 – good quality, classic pieces!! This trench keeps delivering and makes me feel polished and warm to boot!

Day 28: adding a trench for cool climate travel!

11. A denim jacket and a pair of sneakers makes the world feel like an adventure

Tourist adventures call for comfy shoes and layers. I am an enormous fan of the FRANKiE4 Nat sneakers who, as promised, have saved my soles when exploring on foot! Teamed with a denim jacket, crossbody bag and some fun (but super light) earrings from Ruby Olive – this was a super practical outfit with a dose of style and versatility.

Day 29: people to see, places to go! Headed off to explore!

12. Your generosity has been beyond what I could ever have imagined

I set out to top last year’s fundraising tally of $1,706 and aimed for $2,000. I would NEVER have imagined we’d reach $4,478 on the Frocktober fundraising page at the time I’m writing this! THANK YOU for doing this with me. Thank you for your generosity in donations and support of me through this challenge, I’m so grateful!

13. We’re giving the OCRF some help they really need.

In Australia, we lose one woman every 10 hours to ovarian cancer. The symptoms are vague and often diagnosis is received too late. The OCRF are working to develop an early detection test to help save women’s lives and I’m proud we’ve helped them along this month. When that early detection test is found, we’ll know we each had a teeny part to play in helping create positive change.

That’s me and Amelia signing off for Frocktober! You can check out all our looks together @sublimefinds on Instagram!

Do you wear a uniform (for work, or one you chose for yourself)? Would you take on a challenge of 1 dress all month? Love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!







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