1 dress, 31 days: my Frocktober fundraising challenge

October 1 2017

Friends, I’m excited to share that this month I’ll be fundraising for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) as part of Frocktober!

What’s Frocktober?

Frockers* are encouraged to raise money for the OCRF by frocking up: it could be at a Frocktober fundraising event, it could be every Friday for a month or the challenge many fundraisers take on is wearing a different dress every day for the month of October. I took on the 31 days, 31 dresses challenge last year, it was a bunch of fun and with your support was thrilled to raise over $1,500 for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation to continue their much-needed research into an early detection test.

However, while the support I received was amazing, there were a few raised eyebrows along the way. “31 dresses!? You own 31 dresses!?” Yes, I do. My shopaholicism** is fairly well documented on this blog. But I’d hate for anyone to think that I’m advocating for excess, even when fundraising. So this year, I’ll still be embracing the Frocktober challenge of frocking up for a good cause – but I’m dialing the difficulty up a notch!

*not an official term
**also a made up word

This year’s challenge!

Rather than wearing 31 dresses over 31 days, this Frocktober, I am going to wear ONE dress, for 31 days. That’s right minimalism advocates, I have chosen this challenge with you in mind. Every single day of October, I will wear the same dress, styled a different way.

I have religiously rotated my wardrobe since high school and it’s fair to say wearing only one thing is a new concept for me. But I’m up for the challenge!

Why I’m taking on this challenge 

There are 2 reasons I’m taking on this challenge:

  1. I don’t believe that you need to have a giant wardrobe to look fabulous every day. I believe in quality over quantity and making smart choices when stocking your wardrobe. Frocktober is a perfect time to put this into practice and take on the challenge of making fewer pieces work harder!
  2. The frocking up puts the ‘fun’ in fundraiser… but of course, Frocktober is all about raising money for the OCRF. One woman dies every 10 hours from ovarian cancer. Often, women do not experience symptoms until the cancer has spread and with no early detection test, too many women do not receive a diagnosis until too late. I’d love to surpass what we raised for Frocktober last year to help the OCRF toward finding an early detection test. I hope by taking on a more challenging challenge, you’ll be willing to support me in my fundraising and help the OCRF!

The ONE dress

Longtime followers know, my go-to brand for work and events is Leina Broughton. I can’t go past their high-quality, classic, flattering styles which are Femeconomy approved and super easy to care for (machine wash, no iron – critical when on high rotation!). My favourite style is the ballet wrap dress, though with 3/4 sleeves and 35 degree plus days already upon us in Queensland, I have been craving a shorter sleeve!

A few conversations later, team LB developed a little sister to the ballet wrap dress, with a half sleeve (finishes just above the elbow) and a fractionally longer hem, for me to wear this Frocktober. It’s reversible, fit and flare and machine wash, no-iron. Her name is Amelia.

The Leina Broughton Amelia Dress in navy. This baby is going on high rotation for 31 days straight!

Leina Broughton Amelia dress in reverse!

And Leina Broughton fans I’m thrilled to tell you, she’s so gorgeous that team LB has decided to release it from this coming Tuesday! I’ll be wearing her in Navy this month but she’ll also be released in a print!

So you’ll see me in Amelia every day this month, worn differently every day – I’ll be sharing pictures on Facebook, Instagram and my frocktober fundraising page starting today!

A special collaboration

I met Leina, Fleur, Tracey and the Leina Broughton team last Frocktober when I reached out and asked to interview them for the blog. They are wonderful people and I have been thrilled to work with them this year as they have featured their customers and embraced women of all different shapes and sizes. Team LB love their customers and love women and to my delight, were very keen to support me in my Frocktober fundraising this year, so have both generously donated the Amelia frock for me to wear and will donate to my Frocktober fundraising as I feature Amelia this month. I’m super excited to collaborate with team LB to feature a quality-over-quantity approach to style and raises money for an excellent cause.

The goal

I may be scaling down the parade of dresses, but I’m dialing up the goal: I so hope that we can raise $2,000 this year for the OCRF!

And I’d be so grateful for your support! You can make a tax-deductible donation to my Frocktober fundraising here and together we’ll support the Ovarian Cancer Reseach Foundation to develop an early-detection and save women’s lives.

Hope you’ll follow along with my styling/fundraising challenge this month on Facebook and/or Instagram. Let the frockfest begin!

Are you participating in Frocktober? How do you feel about minimalism? Got any rad styling ideas for me? Lets talk it out in the comments! 






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