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May 7 2017

As consumers, it’s easy to underestimate our power to create change in the world. Yet, our decisions as shoppers make or break businesses. In the same way Femeconomy taught us we can use our consumer power to influence gender equality, we can also use our buying power to help create change in the world by shopping with businesses that are actively giving back.

From looking for ways to weave giving into their existing business model, to operating wholey with the intent of creating social change, there are a growing number of organisations looking to turn their products into good for the world. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one, below are seven businesses to shop with to turn your consumer power into gorgeous gifts that give back.

1. Toms

gifts that give back

Gifts that give back: TOMS makes a donation for every product sold. Image Source.

What they sell: TOMS was founded selling footwear, but has since expanded to sunglasses, bags and apparel for women, men and kids.

How they give: Every time a product is purchased from Toms, they give to a person in need. With over 70 million pairs of shoes donated, 445 thousand people’s sight restored, 400,000 weeks of safe water and safe birth services for 70,000 mothers – they are truly doing work you can get behind.

What to buy: Toms currently ships shoes and eyewear to Australia. Their best sellers are their casual canvas classics. Check out the whole range online here.

2. One Night Stand

gifts that give back

Gifts that give back: One Night Stand’s sleepwear range helps young people sleeping rough. Image Source.

What they sell: sleepwear, distributed through General Pants Co.

How they give: Every purchase of One Night Stand sleepwear is a meal for a young person sleeping rough plus 50% of profits are donated to shelter and employment projects.

What to buy: I am loving some of their cami’s and wireless bras. Check out their range online here.

3. Words with Heart

gifts that give back

Gifts that give back: The gorgeous products available at Words with Heart. Image source.

What they sell: stationery and printery.

How they give: each stationery product sold funds a specific number of education days for women and girls in the developing world. When you click on a product you can see how many days will be funded by your purchase.

What to buy: Words with Heart are now offering custom stationery! Business cards, notebooks, notepads and greeting cards, competitively priced and each educating girls. See the options here.

4. Thank You

gifts that give back

Gifts that give back: Thank You donate 100% of products to projects around the world. Image source.

What they sell: water, nappies, cereal and snacks + body products for beebees and mums.

How they give: 100% of Thank You’s profits are given to life-changing food, water and health and sanitation programs around the world. If you want to see more details about the exact project your product is funding, you can enter a special ID code on the website to learn more.

What to Buy: Their body products make gorgeous gifts. See their full range here.

5. Ruby Olive

gifts that give back

Gifts that give back: Ruby Olive have partnered with Cancer Council Queensland. Image Source.

What they sell: Gorgeous jewellery designed to put smiles on faces.

How they give: Ruby Olive are donating a proportion of proceeds from every sale in their Mothers Day collection to Cancer Council Queensland.

What to buy: necklaces, bangles and earrings in bright hues, including some fantastic value packs. Check them out here.

6. She Street

Gifts that give back

Gifts that give back: She Street donate sanitary items to women in need. Image Source.

What they sell: She Street stocks a whole range of apparel and accessories for women.

How they give: for every item sold, they donate a sanitary pack to Share The Dignity to distribute to women who many not otherwise be able to afford it.

What to buy: I recently bought one of their one-size drape tops and am pretty thrilled with it! Check the whole range out here.

7. Witchery

Great Products that Give Back - Witchery

Gifts that give back: Witchery’s White Shirt Campaign supports the OCRF. Image Source

What they sell: apparel, accessories and beauty for women, men and kids.

How they give: Witchery donate everything except GST from the sale of their White Shirts to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

What to buy: a white shirt! Available for women and men here.

Does a company’s social conscience influence your decision to shop with them? Have you bought from any of these companies? Who else should be on this list? Share in the comments below!  

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