2016, a love list.

December 31 2016

2016 had some rough moments, a quick glance at social media will show you it’s a year many are hoping to forget and for valid reasons. But I can’t join them. Because despite some challenges and sad spots, 2016 was great to me. So with determination to recognise the good when it comes you way and more than a sprinkle of nostalgia I’m sharing some of the things that brought some sparkle to my year.

In no order whatsoever, these are the things I loved this year:

  • My Lean In Circles, who gave me a safe space to look at my life and determine what was working, what was not, and keep pushing myself.
  • Seeing my friends who have become mums, and are becoming mums, blossom into these even more loving, more giving creatures. While none of them start with – or will every have – all the answers, their love for their tiny people have shone a path to follow and it has given me so much joy to see the joy their beebees have brought and continue to bring to their lives.
  • These schnoodles! The little one joined us in February and despite the big one trying repeatedly to resist her charms, he now loves her, perhaps even as much as we do.

    Archie Boo and Sadie Sue, saying goodbye to me through the fence.

    Archie Boo and Sadie Sue, saying goodbye to me through the fence.

  • These people, who came together entirely in the aim of fostering diversity and inclusion and amazed me by how quickly our time together felt like coming home.


    The wonderful people of the Diversity Practitioners Association who this time last year I (mostly) didn’t know, and now count among my most favourite people.

  • Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara. Va va voom lashes.
  • Leina Broughton, the brand (and the great team behind it) and more so the lady. For not only creating gorgeous frocks that I love to wear, but inviting me behind the scenes and giving the opportunity to learn a great deal about myself.


    Will the amazing Leina Broughton

  • My day job, which I not only love but feel entirely privileged to do. I remain in a constant state of reminding myself not to take for granted what a super privilege this is.
  • Europe. My word, she’s got some pretty. Spending two weeks cruising around with my long-lost-husband was absolutely two of the best weeks of the year.


    Pics from our European adventures! From L to R, top to bottom: Nice, Venice, Monaco, Venice, Lake Bled in Slovenia, Milan, Hallstatt in Austria, Nice and Lucerne. Oh the loveliness!

  • Bloggers, who despite all the reasons not to be, are largely a wonderfully supportive, giving, open and lovely bunch. I feel so grateful for the kindness shown to me by other bloggers this year and to call myself part of this community.
  • My mum, who never tires of my jibber jabber in our daily chats, continues to offer me a safe spot to leave my worries, dyes my hair (yes!) and made and brought me chicken soup this week in the midst of man-flu-ing.


    Me and The Mumma

  • Finding more and more women who are fighting for women. Sometimes loudly, sometimes quietly, but all resolutely committed to achieving equality.
  • The Jacarandas this year! Gosh they really dazzled me!


    2016 Jacarandas

  • The Chat10Looks3 podcast by Annabel Crabb and Leigh Sales. Every time a new episode pops up (new episodes are entirely reliable in their absolute inconsistency) I am overwhelmed with joy. I recommend starting from the beginning if you are yet to enjoy the loveliness and lols of Salesy and Crabb.
  • This guy, who after 11 years still cracks me up every day.

JS and AS <3

  • Astroturf! We replaced some non-growing grass with some astro and it’s bloody great!
  • Walking out to King Island from Wellington Point. It is one of my favourite (and only) ways to enjoy the outdoors.


    The walk to King Island from Wellington Point at low tide. Perfection.

  • The women I call my friends who never cease to amaze me with their courageousness and compassion and lols.
  • Frocktober! The fun! The frocks! And experiencing the amazing generosity that went along with it as we bandied together to do some good for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.


    The frocks of Frocktober!

  • You. Last and most of all, you. Who visit the blog, join me on facebook and instagram and have offered your wisdom and encouragement and well wishes and have made me feel confident and brave and propelled me forward. I am so grateful for the support you offer me, and hope in 2017 I can give some of that back to you in this little corner of the internet we occupy together. You absolutely rock my world.

I’m going to head off and transform my *still* man-flu infested self into a party-worthy dame (we are going to a wedding this afternoon! On NYE! I have been excited for months, nothing is keeping me from this event!) and leave you with my most sincere thanks for all the ways you lit up my 2016 and my most bedazzled and love-induced wishes for a great 2017 for us all.

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