Exploring the new Pacific Fair!

October 6 2016

Last weekend I took myself on a shopping-themed road trip to explore the new and improved Pacific Fair! If your prevailing image of Pac Fair is salmon coloured exterior and paved outdoor mall, then it’s time for an update! It looks like this now:

New Pacific Fair

New and Improved: Pacific Fair in all it’s glory

The Centre

Pacific Fair has received a $670 million dollar upgrade to make it Queensland’s largest shopping centre and the 4th largest in Australia. Want to know what two-thirds of a billion dollars buys? The designers have absolutely thought outside the box – it is not like any shopping centre I’ve visited before, and suffice to say I make it my business to know the inside of shopping complexes wherever I go! While the new section is indeed a lush, sleek indoor complex, it opens up onto an incredible space called ‘The Resort’ which *surprise* looks and feels like high-end resort!


Pacific Fair’s ‘The Resort’ is very… resort-y!

You’re looking at sun lounges (there are lots of spots to sun yourself!) water features (completely free of gigantic goldfish, thank goodness), turfed areas where family lay around, semi-private bungalow-style huts with tables and chairs… all surrounded by a gigantic retail oasis. This space merges the extension with the original section and largely replaces the outdoor mall space.


Two stories of shopping surrounds The Resort

And it feels like holidays. While I didn’t lay around in the sun (because shops), I could totally envisage myself spending a whole day at the new Pac Fair, taking in some shopping, maybe a pedicure, lunch, meet up with friends on one of those gorgeous fuchsia lounges.


Pacific Fair – sun lounge central!

The Shops

As for the shops, Australia’s 4th biggest shopping centre has it all and then some. Pacific Fair has long been home to a Myer, the new section includes a David Jones. Target, Big W and Kmart all have real estate.  It’s also now home to some of the major international chains including H&M, Uniqlo and Zara (from Oct 20).

All the regular stores you’d expect are there too – in fact I have been trying to think of a store that isn’t there and have been struggling to think of one. There’s even a Mecca Cosmetica and a Mecca Maxima. Because so many of the stores are brand new or in new spots, they are exquisitely fitted out with the sleekest, cleanest and most lovely layouts around. The scale of the shopping centre also means that many stores are now flagship size so will have the full range of everything.


A peek inside the new section of Pacific Fair. Like you can see in the pic there are small rest areas everywhere – it’s perfect for plus-one’s who just want to sit and catch up on their YouTubes.

There’s also a whole lot of stores that are making their Queensland debut at Pacific Fair, most notably: Sephora + a bunch on the luxury front, including Kate Spade (!!), super luxury department store Harrolds, Parisian brand Sandro, Dion Lee, Ginger and Smart, Hermes, Givenchy, Furla, Sneakerboy and Christian Louboutin.


Will Work For Shoes: Christian Louboutin Pacific Fair in all it’s glory.


‘Visitors’ are able to collect a Privileges Pass from the Visitors Lounge or Customer Service desks which includes exclusive deals for more than 50 retailers! You are considered a ‘visitor’ if you can provide proof you live outside of the Gold coast (south of Coolangatta, west of Tamborine, north of Yatala).

The Kate Spade Gossip!

You heard it here first… we will have a Kate Spade outlet at Harbour Town before too long!!! Plus, we’ll have a store in Brisbane next year! #CouldNotBeMoreExcited #DangerZone

The Food

The final thing that must be mentioned is the food. The new food courts are amaaaazing. There is a fresh food market which true to name is packed with a mixture of  fresh bites to eat and take home options including sushi, fresh bread etc. The Patio is home to what you could kind of describe as a food court, but is so much better, incredibly funky mini restaurants which just ooze flavour as well as funky common areas with comfy seating and varying degrees of quiet and privacy. It is really very awesome and well worth stopping by.

The Wrap Up

So it’s a resoundingly positive review – I’d go as far to say I think this is one of the best shopping precincts in the world. I am so impressed with the outside-the-box thinking and fresh approach, they have truly brought a leisure feel to the shopping experience. I live 5 mins from Westfield Carindale (and love it!) and 15 mins from Brisbane City but know when I have lots of shopping to do or time to shop, I’ll make a day of it and head to Pacific Fair. I suggest if you’re looking for a new shopping experience, you give it a whirl too!

Have you been to Pacific Fair? Did you love it? Could you see yourself sunbaking during your retail therapy? What stores do you wish we had in Queensland or Australia that aren’t here yet? (Mine is JCrew. Sigh.) I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments! 


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