What I bought: September

October 3 2016

The budget is back people! I’m reporting in on my September shopping spoils!

Recapping the budget happenings

In January I shared with y’all that after a little overindulgence on the spending front last year, I had set myself a shopping budget for 2016. To stay accountable, I declared that each month I’d be sharing what I bought and what I spent here on the blog. I did so well in January, February and March and have done very poorly since! I got swept up in things other than blogging and went terribly off the bandwagon and now here we are. But I’m back on track! To recap: the rules are I’ve got $500 a month to spend, what doesn’t get spent gets rolled over, if I overspend it gets subtracted from the next month!

What I bought in September

I have been coveting a pair of go-with-everything white sneakers since last summer. About 4 years back the Parisian women finally revolted over breaking heel after heel on their exquisite cobblestone streets and traded their stilettos for the humble sneaker. The spectacular outfits did not change, just what they were paired with. So slowly the world has embraced the sneaker as tres chic and women (and tourists) the world over have joined them in embracing the trend.


Fashionistas loving on the white sneaker

I’ve been a little slower to embrace the trend. Perhaps it’s my love of the humble ballet flat or perhaps the smoothness of the footpaths I’m used to pounding. But my interest peaked this winter when an opportunity arose to spend a couple of weeks in Europe aka home of the cobblestone.

I searched high and low for a plain white, leather, go with absolutely everything sneaker that didn’t make me look like I should be accessorising with a bum-bag. Found nothing. I ended up purchasing a make-do pair from Rubi Shoes for $30 (now sold out) which served me well for 12 of my 14 days on the ground before they started coming apart at the sole and I unceremoniously ditched them.

Back home in Brisbane, strolling down the Queen St Mall after a work event, I spied these! My little heart skipped a sneaker sized beat.

1. Converse All Star Ballet Lace Leather, $90

Why these are the ones for me: 

  • they are leather and therefore easy to keep clean-ish (unlike their Converse predecessors which have been canvas)
  • they are completely white, no coloured branding (which turned me off the Adidas Stan Smiths and Lacostes)
  • they are pull on – those are real laces but they’re just for show, no tying up… or coming undone
  • they are less than $100 (unlike the Saint Laurent pair I fell for before discovering their $620 price tag #holymoly)
  • they are low cut! Which I love. I don’t have legs for days and any extra bit of exposed ankle/foot is a win

Those playing along at home may have noticed I busted out the Cons for Frocktober Day 2!

Love love sneaker love. I bought mine from Universal but Surf Stitch has them too (& more sizes available online).

2. Leina Broughton Stella dress, $265


I’ve had my eye on this gorgeous reversible frock for a little while and when it came back in stock in navy we had to be together. It is now my number one favourite dress in my closet.

I am obsessing over reversible dresses lately, I love so much being able to go with a super flatting v-neck or a conservative polished boat neck look. I have six reversible frocks in my cupboard at the moment, all shall make an appearance (or two!) during Frocktober, keep an eye on the instagrams.

Available from Leina Broughton online with free overnight shipping. LB also gets the tick of approval as a Femeconomy-approved brand, so you know when you buy from them you’re supporting women! Loving Leina? Get $25 off your first purchase here.

The Damage

What I bought Paid… Saved!
Converse sneakers
Stella dress

No monies saved, but well under budget! $145 will be rolled into October’s budget to make $645. Bring on spring racing fashion!

What have you been buying lately? How’s your budget tracking? Found the perfect sneaker for you? Hit me with your thoughts below! 

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