The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Arrives

July 10 2016

Today, the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer embargo is officially lifted and the product slated as revolutionising the drying of hair is officially hitting shelves in Myer and David Jones stores around the country. The question which remains is this: could this hair dryer – or any hair dryer! – be worth the $699 price tag?

What’s so revolutionary?

Sir James Dyson and his team of 103 engineers (not a typo) were looking to fix three areas where they felt regular hair dryers don’t measure up: the noise, the weight and the burning of hair.

600 prototypes and 86 million development dollars later (yep again, not a typo), they have tested their machine on more than 1625kms of hair and delivered the Supersonic:

Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer all angles

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer: changing the hair drying game for all time

The supersonic details:

  • The brains trust have put the motor in the handle, overcoming the balance issue that regular hair dryers can present with.
  • The weight has come in at 618g, not the lightest hair dryer not the market but certainly manageable when wrangling wet locks.
  • The output air temperature is measured 20 times every second (still not a typo) to keep it under control and ensure air doesn’t exceed temperatures which may burn hair or scalp.
  • Speed and temperature are controlled with the buttons on the base of the head/donut/monocle: 3 speed settings enable fast drying, regular drying or styling. 4 heat settings available are 100°C fast drying and styling, 80°C regular drying, 60°C gentle drying and 28 °C constant cold.
  • Thanks to ‘heat shield technology’ the hairdryer and accessories remain not-burny to touch at all times
  • Speaking of accessories, it comes with three:
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Accessories (from the top) a smoothing nozzle, a styling concentrator and a diffuser.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Accessories (from the top) a smoothing nozzle, a styling concentrator and a diffuser.

  • The accessories attach to the head/donut/monocle via magnet, making them very quick and simple to change.
  • The air inlet is at the base of the handle. Accidentally covering the inlet won’t wreck the hair dryer but may eventually reduce the outflow of air.
  • The noise is dramatically reduced compared with a regular hair dryer, sounding mostly like a whooshing of air with the hint of pitch in the background. Certainly easy enough to talk over.

The Verdict

Enquiring yesterday at my local Myer, the combined curiosity of the electronics team and me resulted us busting one out to have a play with (to hell with the embargo!). It is extremely comfortable to hold, at the highest setting it’s still amazingly quiet – not silent but really pretty incredible. The accessories look great and are easy to attach – the cord is super long, 2.7m.

Early user reviews on the web are suggesting that the highly controlled air temp is making a difference to appearance of hair – a finish similar to a professional blow dry with higher shine, more volume and hair sitting straighter thanks to the highly praised accessories.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer in action

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer in action

So yes, it’s absolutely the best hair dryer on the market.
But is it worth 700 of your dollars?

I’m not sure. Some possible justifications I’ve been trying out include:

  1. It’s great if you have a partner who works night shift who is regularly woken by a hair dryer! (What price can you put on sleep!?)
  2. If you have fluffy pets that you blow dry, the highly reduced noise and inability to burn will undoubtedly make that experience better.
  3. Thermomix! I don’t have one of those and that is a similarly amazing/overpriced appliance! People buy those!
  4. JS asked me if it cuts down drying time because that could ultimately be justified with a value… there are hair dryers that will dry your hair faster, but probably burn it along the way. So in terms of efficiency, it’s got it there too.

What I do know is this: after reading the hype, the specs and having a play with the real deal, I absolutely want one. But if I get one, I’m probably not going to tell anyone because #judgement on the outrageous price tag.

How about you? Is it on your wish list? What price can you put on good hair? Have you ever bought something you’ve told noone about because of the price? Love to talk more in the comments below! 


  • Linda C says:

    I bought the Dyson hairdryer. My hair is very wavy and in some parts curly. I wash and blow dry it every day otherwise it looks like a big birds nest. It is inclined to serious frizz factor. It is also white/grey and can look freaky if I left it to its own devices.

    Using the Dyson has left me with hairdresser hair. By that I mean it is smooth and shiny and has stayed that way all day. Keep in mind I use high quality hair product and enjoy putting the effort in to keeping my hair looking good. The drying time was no more than usual. 15 minutes all up. Everyone at work and home is quite amazed at the result.

    If you are into “hair” then the Dyson is worth it. If you are a wash and wear kind of person and blessed with silky locks naturally then perhaps not. For me, worth every cent.

    By the way, I was totally roasted at work for spending the money BUT when they saw the end result they conceded it was worth it.

    • I’m thrilled to hear it’s worked out for you Linda! I was watching a review with Hair Romance recently and she talked about the prospect of a cordless version! I felt daft that I hadn’t thought that could be the next iteration! Cordless would make it nek level! x

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