11 (and a half) Tips for Boxing Day Sales Success!

December 24 2015

It’s nearly upon us! One of the great shopping days of the year, the people’s day of the retail world and the universe’s gift for those of us who love Christmas so much we need a pep up at the thought the next one is so far away. And pep up we will! Because the stores are open, the deals are on and it’s TIME TO SHOP!

Boxing Day can, however, be a harrowing day if you’re ill prepared. But you won’t be! Cause I’ve got 11 tried-and-tested tips for Boxing Day sales success!

1. Go Early

If you’re going to brave the crowds, you might as well be the early bird who gets the worm. Make no mistake, despite so many fashion retailers going into end of season sale mode pre-Christmas, there are definitely deals to be got for the first in. (More on where and how in tip no. 5.)

early bird

First In, Best Dressed! …and most excited? Image Source

This is especially important if you’re going to a Westfield! Last time I boxing-day’d at a Westfield I got there before 9 and had to park on the roof. Early means 8am.

2. Consider catching the bus/an uber/a cab 

Especially if you can’t do early if you’re sleeping like a lion after your Christmas Day feast. Don’t upset yourself with 45 mins in the carpark. Treat yo’self to a drop off. And then you can also treat yo’self to a lunchtime cocktail without worrying about how you’ll drive home! #winning

3. Wear a cross-body handbag

Two hands will make your day immeasurably better!

4. Dress smart 

Boxing Day at the shops can be HOT cause there’s so many people! Dress for warmth, comfort and think of something that’s easy to get in and out of without messing up your hair. #shirtdressforthewin

If you’re going clothes shopping, go light on the make up and skip the bold lippy altogether. It will inevitably end up on the neckline of an article of clothing you’re trying on.

Most importantly – choose comfy shoes!

5. Make a plan: know where is doing one-day-only deals

End of season sales start more than a week before Christmas now, which at first glance can make you wonder why anyone does the boxing day thing. But! Not everywhere! Now I’ve umm’d and ahh’d about whether or not to tell you guys my secret favourite spots, cause there’s not lots, but I love you and I trust that if we end up eyeballing each other over a ripper deal, you’ll let go of the coat hanger first and we’ll hug it out.

I think the best boxing day deals are at…

Lululemon: they are real, genuine often more-than-half-price markdowns that only happen twice a year. This is where I’ll be lined up for 9am.


Lululemon: my pick for the best Boxing Day Sales deals

Department stores: yep, they do lots of sales along the way, but they still reward shoppers with super specials on boxing day. In particular, if you’re after designer wares, these will hit sales tables on Boxing Day morning – last year I snabbed Marc Jacobs mouse flats less than half price!

Cue: in the last few years, Cue has released a batch of Cue In The City dresses, tops and skirts for cheap cheap prices ($100 dresses, $60 tops) on boxing day. The quality is not as good as regular Cue, but they are still excellent for the price and there’s always a classic LBD in the mix that will be a go-to for work. With free express shipping and easy returns, this I’ll be shopping online over breakfast.

Aussie Designers: some of the usually-too-expensive designers often offer up 1/2 price or less in their end of season sales. Sass and Bide, Carla Zampatti, Scanlan Theodore are all in this mix. I am dying to add a Carla Zampatti blazer to my wardrobe and will be watching their deals as they unfold!

carla zampatti

Lets be together: half price Carla Zampatti

Manchester: I’ll be stocking up on new sheets and towels which will surely be available at up to half price in the usual haunts (probably Myer).

I attack the shops in the order I most care about securing my desired items, combined with purchasing lightest to heaviest/bulkiest items last.

5 and a half: sometimes the best plan is to do your shopping online! 

If you’re not hitting lots of stores, or you have something specific in mind that is definitely in stock online (but may not be in store) your best boxing day plan may be braless on the couch.


Sometime the best plan is online!

6. Check the returns policy – if you can return sales items, skip the change room

Change room queues will slay you on Boxing Day. And it seems to be the day everyone is taking 20 items in, there’s never enough staff to keep the change rooms clean and free of everyone else’s stuff. If you’re in the big department stores, and you aren’t trying to buy a million things, (double check, but) often you can refund anything that hasn’t worked out.

While we’re talking change rooms, a word on etiquette: your change room non-starters (the items you won’t be buying) should always be removed from the changer, unless someone is there helping you and will return them for you. Put them on the rack at the entrance to the change room or hand them to a sales associate or leave them on the counter if there isn’t a rack. I know most of us do this, it totally grinds my gears when people don’t! Finally, if you find a weird scarf thing hanging on a hook of a change room – that’s there for you to use over your face so you don’t get make up on the clothes.

7. Shop the whole department store before checking out 

The only thing that will slow you down more than the change room queue is the check out! Your cross body handbag has prepared you brilliantly to use both your hands to carry your wears. You may find registers in the kitchen department aren’t fitted with garment security tag removers though, so factor that in too!

8. Find the registers with one line to multiple people serving.

They’re out there, a quick scout will pay off.

9. Think about your recharge point! 

You’ll need to stop for sustenance, think about where you do this. Cafe’s are in high demand on boxing day, and if you’re shopping on your own, and go somewhere that requires ordering at the counter, often it’s hard to secure a spot to sit!

Hilton Lobby

Vintaged: Brisbane Hilton’s lobby restaurant

I am certain if you’re in the CBD often the best kept secrets are the hotel lobbies –  in Brisbane The Hilton above the Wintergarden is my favourite spot to retreat and recharge, there’s always seats, they do a wonderful scone, it’s table service and the prices are reasonable.

10. Be nice to your significant other

If you have a partner who does not love to shop, who has come shopping with you, cut them some slack if they’re not bubbling with enthusiasm.

Boxing Day Sales Tips!

JS and me pre-dawn on Black Friday in Hawaii! Note the different levels of enthusiasm.


Sometimes the way you can be nicest to your significant other is leaving them at home. #thatslove

11. Avoid Shoppers Regret with this simple rule! 

This is the truth: the items that nobody wanted to buy will end up on the 70% off rack on boxing day (ahem: espadrille boots). Ever find you get caught in the excitement and buy stuff you regret later on? Use my rule – if you can’t think of three outfits you can wear it with, leave it behind.


Well that’s my very best 11 (and a half) tips for Boxing Day sales success! May your virtual or actual cart be filled with sublime finds at fabulous prices!!

Are you hitting the sales? Have any extra tips? Tell us whats what in the comments below! 

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