9 Beauty Advent Calendars available in Australia!

November 8 2015

Click here for the list of 2017 Beauty Advent Calendars availabel in Australia!

Advent calendars are those cardboard things you had as a child where you peeled back a bit of card each day of December and popped out a strange tasting chocolate, right? Perhaps when we were kids, but these days advent calendars come in alllll varieties, sizes and price points and are no longer limited to confectionary! One of the types that has taken off in a major way the last couple of festive seasons are beauty advent calendars!

How do they work?

Same principle: delightful pint-sized samples to discover each day in the 24 or 12 days leading up to Christmas! They are a great way to test a brand’s products with sample or mini-sized versions of the real deal and often prove to be good value. The downside of course is that like a showbag, there’ll probably be a couple of things you’re not interested in or don’t love.

The US and UK are way ahead of us here and have some amazing brands and stores who have come to the advent party (think Jo Malone, Diptique, Liberty, Selfridges). Unfortunately due to perfume, or nail polish contained these brands can’t be shipped to Australia. But! There’s still a great range down under and I’ve got the round up!

A word of warning: these beauty advent calendars are in limited supply! If you are thinking of treating yourself (or someone else) this Christmas, do grab one ASAP! 


The Body Shop

Super gorgeous packaging (inside looks even better) with a fun assortment of products and tools. A beautiful gift (including for yo’self!) that won’t disappoint!


Benefit are several years into their advent offerings and it’s one that attracts some crazy – so jump in soon if you don’t want to miss out! Their mini products are, as expected, fabulous, but you may be disappointed by some low quality non-beauty trinkets buried in the mix. I followed along as Tine from Beautyholics Anonymous revealed each day’s treat last December and she was pretty disappointed overall (I take Tine’s opinion on beauty very seriously – she’s fabulous and has been in the beauty game a long while, she knows what’s what especially when it comes to blush!)

Benefit 2015 Beauty Advent Calendar

Benefit 2015 Beauty Advent Calendar, $99 from Myer Benefit Boutiques

Charlotte Tilbury

The most luxury laden offering in this list, Charlotte Tilbury’s “Book of Magic” offers generously sized samples of gorgeous makeup and skin care products, including an ahead-of-launch sample of the new Magic Bight Cream. Beautifully presented, suspect this might be more like 12 x Christmas mornings! The UK’s beauty goddess, Sali Hughes, described this as a good choice ‘if spirits are low and budgets are high!’. Ha!

Ciaté London

This is a major find! One of the funnest calendars out it’s a big attraction at Sephora (a wonderful friend bought one for me in the US a couple of years back and it was SO FUN) but you won’t find it in stores in Aus. BUT! I have found it for sale, shipping to Aus (on Amazon! Only 16 left at the time of writing this article, get in quick!


A fun filled box with glosses, lipsticks, eye shadow pallets all in inoffensive hues! Cannot speak to the quality and a the price point, think more novelty than niceties… but definitely plenty of fun in this pack.



This calendar is packed with nail polishes, glosses, eye shadows and a few extras like charms and stuff. I do not for a moment doubt the novelty, but at the price point I wouldn’t expect to be thrilled with the quality. Might be a great chocolate alternative for a beauty-loving child!


At $70 this is my pick, hitting the sweet spot in offering fabulous products but not laying out a couple of hundred $.


Lush’s 12 day advent calendar is a perfect vegan find – if you can get one! Already sold out online, you’d want to hit stores ASAP to snap this baby up. Think bath bombs and soaps – it’s 4kg!

Adore Beauty

At the $199 price point this is definitely another luxe option – however the treats will not disappoint! (If you’re happy to spoil the surprise the list is here). Iconic brands most iconic products – many of which we’ve shared on Sublime Finds before. This will certainly bring 24 days of joy!


If you happen to miss the boat on the calendars above, or think you can come up with something more fun yourself, why not make your own! I am *really* into this idea and seriously thinking about making one for JS packed with delicious treats, mini-bottles of alcohol, maybe some movie vouchers and fun stuff for us to do together.


And that’s the wrap! How are you planning to bring a little cheer into the Christmas lead up? Will you be indulging in a beauty advent calendar? How are you feeling about Christmas in general? Love to talk it out with you in the comments section below! 



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