10 (and a half!) Valentine’s Day gifts money can’t buy.

February 11 2015

Dear husband sublime-seekers,

Valentine’s day is barely a love-struck glance away! Can’t think of the perfect gift for me the apple of your eye? Don’t despair! I’ve got you covered with 10 and a half money-can’t-buy fabulous presents. Because you we all know it’s the thought that counts, right? These gifts have thoughtful in bucketloads (not to mention feels) and if you ignore that a few are a little corny, you might find you have a wonderful time creating them!

(Single-ites, I haven’t forgotten you – I highly recommended doing no’s 3, 5, 6, 9 & 10 for yourself!)

Here we go:

1. A surprise appearance 

Valentines Day Gifts You Can't Buy

Valentines Day gifts money can’t buy: a surprise!

You know what women want? To feel special. (So simple!) And you know what makes us feel special? A SURPRISE. And what better surprise than showing up unexpectedly?* Perhaps you can take your loved one to lunch (or take them lunch if they can’t get away), perhaps you can set up a ruse (like, they think they’re going out with a friend!) and then you show up!** Surprise! And better yet! ROMANCE.

*this does not apply if you’re stalking your Valentine.
**this relies on your loved one liking you more than the friend, or it’s really just disappointing.

Perfect gift for: the lover who likes to be left guessing! And doesn’t have a heart condition.

2. A scavenger hunt

Scavenger Hunt Clues Love

Valentines Day gifts money can’t buy: a scavenger hunt!

Does your lover love games? (No, not those games! Too much 50 shades of grey for you!) How about a scavenger hunt around places you’ve been together? SO thoughtful! Great if you know you’ve got the whole day together! (Note, the prize at the end should most definitely be you!)

Perfect gift for: the lover who enjoys trivia night! Or orienteering! Or both!

3. Something creative

Valentines day gifts you can't buy

Valentines day gifts money can’t buy: something creative! If it’s a poem, do better than this.

Aren’t these alllll creative ideas? Yes. But what about something really creative, like a painting, or a song, or a poem? I told JS I was going to write him a song and serenade him for Valentines Day. He replied “please don’t” (JS continues to try to convince me that I cannot hold a tune, but we both secretly know that I’m an excellent singer).

Perfect gift for: artistic types.

4. Reenact your first date

Ferris Wheel

Valentines Day gifts money can’t buy: reenact your first date! On our first date, JS and I rode on a Ferris Wheel!

Whether it was the best date everrrrr or a total disaster, reenacting your first date is sure to bring a smile to both your faces!

Perfect gift for: couples who were sober enough to remember their first date.

5. A home-cooked treat 

Valentines Day gifts you can't buy

Valentines Day gifts money can’t buy: a home-cooked treat! Toad in a hole never looked so good!

As someone with exceptionally poor cooking skills, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate delicious home-cooked food with love.

Perfect gift for: the lover with terrible cooking skills!

6. A collection of your favourite memories 

Love Notes

Valentines Day gifts money can’t buy: a collection of your favourite memories! NB: if you receive this gift neverrrrrrr throw it out!

In the first couple of years JS and I were seeing each other, he had to travel a lot for work. I used to send him care packages from home with treats and little presents. One time, I wrote down all of my favourite memories of things we’d done together, funny stuff that had happened, things that made us laugh – packaged them up in a little box (I think a jar would be good for this too, with a cute ribbon!) and sent it to him! A couple of weeks later JS got back from his trip he was unpacking his bag… the box was nowhere to be seen! It transpired that he’d thrown it out when he packed up! I couldn’t believe it! I STILL can’t.  This is what I get for falling in love with a practical man rather than a sentimental romantic one. *Sigh.* (I would NEVER have thrown it out! EVERRR.)

Perfect gift for: the (very) sentimental type.

7. A chore


Valentines Day gifts money can’t buy: a chore complete!

Okay – the above pic was not what I originally had in mind… but I was looking for picture inspiration and I googled chores and I didn’t have my safe search on and one thing led to another. Lets call this idea 7a (or the extra ‘half’ that got added to what was meant to be ten v-day gifts you can’t buy!).

Now back to the original plan… you know that feeling when you’ve been dreading doing something then all of a sudden you discover it’s done!? Give your Valentine that feeling this Saturday by ticking something off their to-do list!

Perfect gift for: the time-poor lover.

8. A house full of ‘I love you because’ notes

I love you post-its

Valentines Day gifts money can’t buy: a house full of ‘I love you because…’ notes!

One Valentines Day years ago I put heart-shaped post it notes all over our house, each with a different reason I loved JS on them! (Sidebar: OMG I am so romantic! I can’t believe I didn’t realise before!) I think it was actually a little overwhelming for my practical-man-friend.

Perfect gift for: the lover who redefines ‘too much’ (with the little twinkle of crazy in their eyes).

9. A mixtape


Valentines Day gifts money can’t buy: a mixtape!

What form does a mixtape even come in these days? A spotify list? You may need to break into the iTunes account of your significant other to execute this one but if you pull it off, there’s nothing like a few of *your* songs strung together to make your lover smile. I love that this is a gift that you can keep going back to as well!

Perfect gift for: the lover who votes in the hottest 100 every year.

10. A Love Letter

Love Letter

Valentine’s Day gifts money can’t buy: a love letter. Classic. Timeless. Romantic.

Now just when I’ve made JS sound like a bit of an a-hole (he’s definitely not, remember this?) it’s time I confess that the love letter is the money-can’t-buy pressie that JS has nailed. I always want to start at the beginning again as soon as I’m finished (and nearly-always do). Top tips include keep it simple, from the heart, and don’t be afraid to throw in a little humour.

Perfect for: the person who thinks the card is the best bit of the present.

That’s the ten (and a half, you cheeky devils)! Be sure to tell the one you love this Saturday. Life is too short to not! Happy Valentine’s sublime-seekers, I love you all the most! x


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