Benefit “They’re Real!” Mascara Review!

August 12 2014

Sublime seekers, if there’s a word of the day… it’s VOLUME. Today I’m giving you the Benefit They’re Real mascara review and here’s the hot tip: it’s a sublime find!

What makes it so good? 

This baby adds volume like no other mascara I’ve ever tried. And I’ve been trying a few, in search of the OMG lashes that we all crave for without going the extra step to fakes! Not only does it deliver in the volume department, it’s got some serious staying power.

I knew my trial wasn’t complete until I’d had a proper cry with this mascara on, and low and behold it finally happened last weekend… it didn’t budge! Overtired salty tears everywhere, mascara firmly on eyelashes. So I’m calling it; it’s the best mascara out.

The Best!? Prove it!

No probs, here’s the before and after:

They're Real Mascara - Before and After

Holy Shiz, right!? I have no eyeliner on here either, this is alllll mascara baby.

I’m not the only one having this experience! Google Image Benefit They’re Real Mascara and you’ll get a plethora of shots just like mine. It’s like all of a sudden eyelashes appear where there were no eyelashes before! Here’s a couple more:

??????????????????????????????? theyre-real before and after

Holy Moly!

Yep, this shizzle is the real deal, sublime seekers.

Is this messiah of mascaras? Is it the one we’ve been waiting for?  

I reckon it’s as close as it’s come, but this isn’t quite it. The one area it falls down is strangely one of it’s strengths as well; the staying power. I can’t get it off with eye makeup remover, or my previous solve-all-problems product; Bioderma Crealine H20. These products might make a dint, but won’t do the job.

The only thing that I’ve found really gets this off, is warm water in the shower, a good old fashioned face wash, with very gently touching your lashes to remove any super-stuck bits. However, I can’t get out of the shower without major panda eyes. Like need-eye-makeup-remover-AFTER-the-shower panda eyes, it’s epic. Benefit released a product to remove their They’re Real products, but the reviews on Sephora are average at best. And lets be honest, warm water is a cheaper solution.

So does the post-shower panda eyes make you rethink using the mascara? Not for a moment. The removal is a blimp on the radar of it’s amazingness. AMAZINGNESS, I say!

I want some! 

I bet you do! Pop along to your Benefit counter in Myer, a tube will set you back a well-spent $38. (Hopefully when Sephora opens in Sydney at Christmas [….the best Christmas present any of us have ever had] we’ll see prices like this drop a little.)  You won’t be alone in seeking one out, apparently one is sold every 10 seconds around the world! It’s those long-lashed dames, shopping up a storm!

May your confidence and fabulousness grow with the length of your lashes, sublime seekers!

Have you tried the They’re Real Mascara? What did you think? 



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