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June 28 2014

Editors note: this post was updated to included the most up-to-date Australian makeup service offerings in Jan 2017.

Are you getting the best value for money from your cosmetic purchases? A study in the UK suggested recently that the average woman will spend the equivalent of AUD $32,000 on their face in their lifetime.  Some might find that figure offensively huge, but when you break it down over the long life we’ll hopefully live, it’s about $500 a year. If we’re spending that sort of money, we need value! When it comes to value I’m not talking about finding a similar product at a better price, I’m talking about using the makeup service your cosmetic company of choice has to offer.

I made the mistake yesterday… I discovered a new Chanel beauty product I  had to have dashed into the Chanel Beauty store, bought the product, left. Yet if I’d just been just slightly more organised in my purchase, I could have had my makeup professionally done by a Chanel trained makeup artist, for no extra cost!

At no extra cost!? 

YES! Major cosmetic brands offer a makeup service for a fee that is fully redeemable on product! You ring up, book a time, (sometimes pay the redeemable fee when you book) then have your face professionally transformed into spectacular gorgeousness! At the end of your transformation, you purchase the products you had your eye on anyway! Better yet, your makeup artist will talk you through all the products they’re using and how they’re using them as you go. You don’t just end up with a fabulous look to take away with you, you have insights from the best in the business on how to make the most of your new products.

I’ve been missing out on this! 

I know, right!? Its something you do for your year 12 formal then promptly forget about until you have a super special event. But it doesn’t have to be a super special event. It might just be a night out with the girls, date-night or an after-hours work do! If you need to stock up on products, plan ahead and take advantage of the services on offer!

Where should I go?

Because here at Sublime Finds we are all about finding the best options for you, below are the deals from all of the major cosmetic companies in Australia (alphabetically listed!)… with some suggestions of products you may want to redeem your spend on!


benefit makeup service

The deal: 30 minute makeover for $75 redeemable on products.

Redeem it on: Benefit have cornered the market in exceptional eyebrows their goof proof eyebrow pencil is everything you need to take your brows from meh to marvellous! It’s $42, in six shades and worth every penny. The ‘they’re real!’ lengthening mascara is also an award winner (previously reviewed here) at $44.


bobbi brown makeup service

The deal: 45 minute ‘How to Glam It Up’ service for $120 redeemable on products.

Redeem it on: the Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick, $45. I’d also be partial to whatever eyeshadow palette is currently in season, Bobbi Brown are known for their excellent eye makeup.


chanel makeup service

The deal: 1 hour beauty and makeup consultation and application, $120 redeemable on products.

Redeem it on: Les 4 Ombres long lasting eye shadow palettes (4 shades per palette), $98 and the Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour for a lipstick that’s a joy to wear, $52.


clinique makeup service

The deal: previously I’d understood this to be redeemable on 2 products, however when I rang to confirm the answer was ambiguous. The Clinique staff member told me usually it’s two products, but ‘it just depends on the customer’. I pushed for more detail but repeatedly got ‘it depends’. #unhelpful. If you’re craving Clinique, check when you call and plan for redeemable on 2 products.

Redeem it on: Go for the classics; Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion, $49 and the awesome Chubby Stick, $36!


Dior Makeup Service

The deal: 1 hour ‘Made-to-Measure’ makeover, $50 redeemable on 2 Dior products (therefore you will likely spend more than $50)

Redeem it on: Dior Addict Fluid Stick, the most expensive gloss you’ll buy and worth every penny. Shiny, long lasting, the perfect amount of hue and not sticky $52.


Estee Lauder Makeup Service


The deal: 45 minute makeover service, $50 redeemable on products.

Redeem it on: the Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Recovery Complex II, $145 and worth it.


Giorgio Armani Makeup Service

The deal: 45 minute Special Occasion Makeover, $99 redeemable on product

Redeem it on: the highly coveted and award-winning Luminous Silk Foundation, $92-$95.


Issada Makeup Service

The deal: 60 minute application, $85 redeemable on products.

Redeem it on: Issada was born for it’s brushes which became cult favourites amongst celebrities and makeup artists world wide. Australian owned, designed and made, these brushes are built to last. They’re spendy though, the full set will set you back $650, so perhaps worth collecting one at a time… with a redeemable makeup appointment of course!


Lancome Makeup Service

The deal:

  • Myer is saying 30 minutes, $45 redeemable on two makeup products on the day (so likely a little more based on makeup product)
  • David Jones is saying 45 minutes, $85 with National Makeup Artist or $45 with Makeup Artist redeemable on product

Redeem it on: Lancome’s Hypnose Drama Mascara – my all time favourite!


Laura Mercier Makeup Service

The deal: $45 or complimentary when you purchase 2 products from the Laura Mercier range.

Redeem it on: Laura Mercier is all about illumination. Choose the Face Illuminator compact, $50 and the Oil Free Foundation Primer, $50.


MAC Makeup Service

The deal:

  • 60 minutes of prep and prime to lips and lashes, $95 redeemable on products.
  • 90 minutes of theatrical makeup, $150 redeemable on products.
  • 90 minute full makeup lesson, $150 redeemable on products.

Redeem it on: MAC’s iconic Russian Red lipstick, $36 and the Studio Fix Fluid, a gorgeous long-wearing foundation with a natural matte finish and the all-important SPF15 rating, $50.


Mecca Cosmetica Makeup Service

The deal:

  • 45 minute makeup application, $90 redeemable on product.
  • 60 minute makeup lesson, $100 redeemable on product.

Redeem it on: Nars Blush in Orgasm, $44, a product from our World’s Most Iconic Beauty Finds post. Eve Lom’s Cleansing Balm from $72 was described by Vogue as ‘probably the best cleanser in the world’. I love it and bet you will too.


Mecca Maxima Makeup Service

The deal: 

  • 45 minute makeup application, $90 redeemable on product.
  • 60 minute makeup lesson, $100 redeemable on product.

Redeem it on: Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Lasting Lipstick (man that’s a lot of L’s) $31.95 is incredibly long lasting. While I am yet to try it, I’m hearing lots about Too Faced’s Better Than Sex Mascara $33. Also consider hair products, I personally love Bumble and Bumble’s range.


Napoleon Perdis Makeup Service

The deal:

  • 60 minute Instant Glamification, $95 redeemable on product.
  • 90 minute Makeup Shakeup lesson, $149 redeemable on product.
  • 30 minute All About Eyes (eye makeup application), $60 redeemable on product.

Redeem it on: the Autopilot BBB Cream with SPF 30, $55 and Boudoir Mist Spray Foundation to create a flawless finish that lasts all day, $69.


Revlon Makeup Service

The deal: 60 minute Red Carpet Glam service, $70 redeemable on product.

Redeem it on: your money will go far at the Revlon counter, be sure to include a Colorburst Balm (crayon-shaped lipstick) in your picks.


Sephora Makeup Service

The deal:

  • 45 minute makeup application, $85 redeemable on product
  • 75 minute makeup tutorial and application, $100 redeemable on product

Redeem it on: Kat Von D’s products (not stocked elsewhere in Australia). The Magic Lip and Liner Duo is awesome value at $31. The Marc Jacobs Beauty Air Blush (also exclusive to Sephora) is getting fantastic reviews, $39.


Yves Saint Laurent Makeup Service

The deal: 45 minute VIP Makeup service, $60 redeemable on product.

Redeem it on: I can’t go past Le Teint Touche Éclat – Illumination Foundation, $85. My skin loves this foundation and it photographs beautifully. $85.

Some tips!

To make the very best of your makeover experience, heed these suggestions:

  • Book ahead. If you’re wanting your makeup done on a Saturday afternoon, book well ahead.
  • Know what look you’re after? Take a picture to help keep your makeup artist on track and save you using ambiguous phrases like ‘you know, really sexy eyes’.
  • Browse their products before you go. Avoid getting pressured into products you don’t really want by knowing what you do want beforehand. Your makeup artist will likely hang with you until you choose, so save yourself the sell by knowing exactly what you’re after.
  • Deals do change so be sure to ask what their makeup service costs when you ring and book.
  • If you’re choosing between visiting a counter at Myer or David Jones, we always recommend DJ’s because they are Femeconomy approved!
  • If you’re not sure what brand you’re after, choosing a Mecca or Sephora will give you lots more options in terms of redeemable products on a variety of brands. (Both brands are Femeconomy approved also!)
  • Don’t see your favourite cosmetic brand on the list above? Give them a call and ask if they offer a makeup service. I bet they do!

With a little planning you can enjoy the some of the best makeup artistry around, without paying a cent more than you would have otherwise. Enjoy your glamorous makeup look!

Taken advantage of the makeup services on offer by one of the brands above? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below! 

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  • I’ll go first! I had my makeup done at Napoleon recently – really wonderful experience, a great look I would have struggled to replicate at home on my own. I’ve had Chanel do my makeup before and got some suggestions I wouldn’t have thought of (blue rather than black eyeliner to bring out my eyes!) – another win!

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