Chubby never looked so good!

April 12 2014

Short, sweet and good news today, gang! I was cruising over at The Style Insider recently and came across a VERY welcome discovery! Clinique have released a new range of their now-famous chubby sticks… in INTENSE colours!

The Chubby stick originally rose to fame for it’s innovative lipstick design, delivering their new product in a crayon-like shape dubbed the ‘chubby stick’. Packed with shea butter and marketed as a ‘moisturising lip balm’, Clinique’s original range of colours were quite sheer. But not this latest batch… the new colours pack a punch! Available in eight mostly-great shades, there’s a bold lip for everybody:

cliniquechubbystickintense swatches

After hearing the intense news (see what I did there?), I wasted no time on hotfooting it to my closest Clinique counter to smear chubby stick all over the back off my left hand in exaggerated testing of every colour. They did not disappoint! I settled on Plushest Punch as my pick! Here’s a peek:

Chubby Stick Sublime Finds

I’ll be honest; I’ve always felt a teeny bit clumsy with a lippy in my hand… and I feel way more ‘in control’ with a crayon! (Perhaps this is the real reason I’m also in love with Revlon’s Kissable Balm Stains which are in the crayon-shape too.) Either way, the chubby stick is suuuper easy to use and now Clinique really do offer a great range of colours! I’m thrilled to get a true lipstick look in the easy-enough-for-kindergarten-kids-to-use design.

I want one! 

Ok! Your quickest route is to your local Clinique Counter at Myer/DJ’s/Mecca Cosmetica or online from Clinique where you’ll pick one up for $35. If you’re happy to wait a little, try where you’ll pick one up for $23. If you’re happy to wait a little longer again or have some other online purchases you’ve been deliberating over… consider including it with your freight forwarding order ’cause you’ll get one for $17USDs outa the States from Sephora! (Sidebar: MAJOR “squeeeeee!” for Sephora coming to Australia! Let’s cross our fingers and toes they come with USA pricing!!)

I am a strong believer that a bold lip is a good pick-me-up! Moisture + bold + crayon-shape = winning!


Tried the chubby stick? What did you think?


  • Rebecca Mitchell says:

    I am a complete convert to the crayon phenomenon. Easily sold on anything I can apply on a bumpy bus ride. Priceline have been running a promotion recently for The Revlon Kissable Balm Stains – 2 for $17 – AMAZEBALLS!

  • Nessa says:

    I can’t believe you only settled for one, Andrea! Did you have a fave second/third you could recommend?

    • I read a bunch of raves about Curviest Caramel too! Next on the to-lip list!

      • Ness says:

        Hi Andrea, Just FYI, The Revlon Colorburst, Sweetheart Valentine is amaaaazing! I got it yesterday from, $12.56, so pretty 🙂 Thanks for your revelation that is lipstick crayons. I could even apply on my way to work on the bumpiest, windiest road known as Wyrallah Road! I think I need more…

      • What a steal, Ness! Well done! I have that one too and LOVE it, such a nice pop of colour! All hail the lipstick crayon! Finally, a beauty product we trained for in Kindergarten! 😉

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