Beating Blisters: the Sublime Guide

March 29 2014

My fellow shoe-lovin’ gals know, the occasional blister is a reality of commitment to the fabulous-shoe cause.

I got hit with two doozies last weekend during my Saturday morning cardio session (read: shopping). Those following along closely may recall my reference to a blister in the recent post about the power of gratitude. What I DIDN’T mention was that these were no ordinary blisters, they were the world’s biggest ever blisters resulting in my mum declaring ‘holy blisters batman!’ when I showed her this pic (look away now to avoid the horror!):

Blister Disaster

Horrifying blister on my heel. Horrifyingly bad photography of my heel.

So what’s a dame to do? (Can I keep saying dame now there’s going to be real life Dames again? What is that about anyway? Though if anyone is going to be a reeeal Dame I do think Quinten Bryce is a great pick, cause that dame can sure rock a non-black lady suit! Anyway, I digress!).

I looked up a bunch of info (read: first page of results on google) about treating blisters which soon had me sterilizing makeshift needles (read: dousing safety pins from the drycleaning with Smirnoff) to sort my blister shizzle out.

But none of the ‘treatment’ plans told me the ONE thing I REALLY needed to sort out my blister problem and get back into my pumps ASAP… which is… a good pair of slingbacks!

What’s that now? Slingbacks?

Yes, sublime seekers. I’m declaring the slingback the secret to my blister recovery! “Oh but you can wear thongs or sandals”. Yeah, not in winter. Often, not at work. Not with stockings. And probably not with your new non-black work suit. (Two plugs in one post, too much?) You want a cute, work-appropriate shoe, with no back, to steer clear of your poor recovering heels. I’m calling the slingback the must-have shoe for every shoe-addict who has a tendency to put looks above comfort in the footwear department (read: every woman). Here’s mine:

AS Slingbacks

And here are some options for you that won’t have you feeling like you’re 80 (not that there’s anything wrong with being 80! Those dames are ahead of the curve!):

Kate Spade New York Plaza
 Kate Spade New York Plaza, via Piperlime $376.60

Joanne Mercer Nicki
 Nicki by Jo Mercer, via The Iconic $139.95

Nina Armando
Helena, via The Iconic $199

Betts Monet
 Monet, at Betts $139.99

Valentino Rockstud Patent Multistrap Point Slingback
LUXE: Valentino Rockstud Patent Multistrap Point Slingback, at David Jones $1,029

Charlotte Olympia Monroe Suede Point Toe Slingback
LUXE: Charlotte Olympia Monroe Suede Point Toe Slingback, at David Jones $1,029

Marc by Marc Jacobs Mouse Studded SlingbackBordering on ridiculous but still so cute: Marc by Marc Jacobs Studded Metallic Leather Slingback Mouse Flats, via Saks $284.73

Do it, sublime seekers, do it now! Don’t wait til you really need it but have to put a shoe on to get to the shoe store to get a shoe to wear when you can’t wear your shoes. Following? Slingbacks, now.


Can you think of any other medical problems shoes could possibly be the answer to? Thinking caps on, gang!

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  • H. E. Lexus says:

    Love the slingbacks. My first thoughts are I have never had blisters in my heels but I have had some uncomfortable rubs which I am sure would have lead to them given enough time. 😉

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