Get new shoes without getting new shoes!

January 8 2014

Problem! You *need* new shoes but you:
a) can’t afford it
b) can’t justify it
c) have run out of shoe storage room
d) will jeopardise your marriage if you bring home another pair of shoes
e) all of the above

Sublime seekers, I feel your pain! But you’ll love me today, because I have a particularly sublime find for you! Allow me to present to you the best way to reinvent your shoe wardrobe without the big budget: shoe clips! I will now demonstrate!

Before…. my standard-issue black flats:

Black Flat Before

After! Whaaaaa!? There’s a party on my feet!: 

Black Flat After

Tell me more!

Shoe clips are exactly what they sound like, a little clip for your shoe to make it ready-made-fabulous! They are nearly exactly like clip on earrings, but (good shoe clips) are designed to be comfortable to wear and not damage your shoes. Commonly worn at the front of the shoe, shoe clips can also be worn on the heel, or the side of the shoe! (This blogger has been known to pretend they’re not shoe clips at all, and throw one in my hair). In addition to being the answer to the need-but-can’t-have-new-shoes issue, shoe clips are also the answer to LOTS of styling problems! Rockin’ an LBD but what to spice it up a bit? Shoe clip! Trying to bring the colours in an outfit together? Shoe clip! Special occasion and want an awesome statement shoe? Shoe clip! Many fabulous uses, and all at a fraction of the price of a new pair of shoes.

Gimme, gimme, where do I get them?

A quick google will tell you that there’s lots of places to source shoe clips. Here’s a little sample to get you salivating:

Emmersen Ruby Slippers Shoe Clip

Australian supplier Emmersen sells the Ruby Slippers Shoe Clips for $33

Spare Soles Jewel Smoke Shoe Clip

Spare Soles are also Australian, their Jewel Smoke Shoe Clips are $17.95

Not surprisingly, Etsy have a GAZZILION shoe clips. These are some of my faves (all ship to Aus!):

LexyLuxDesign Red glitter heart shoe clip

LexyLuxDesign’s Red Glitter Heart Shoe Clip $10.12 USD.

Chuletindesigns Hot Pink Satin Ribbon Bow Shoe Clips

Chuletindesign’s Hot Pink Satin Ribbon Bow Shoe Clips $15 USD (these come in 21 colours!)

RisaRuthDesigns Blooming Orgid Shoe Clips

RisaRuthDesigns’ Blooming Orchid Shoe Clips $24 USD (also lots of colours available)

Lucyohlucy Baley Blue Peacock Feather Shoe Clips

Lucyohlucy’s BALEY Blue Peacock Feather Shoe Clips $27.50 USD

Dressing for a theme? Here’s some great shoe clip options!

sophisticata Christmas Red & Kelly Green Shoe Clips

sophisticata’s Christmas Red & KELLY Green Shoe Clips $35 USD

RisaRuthDesigns Orange Spide Shoe Clips

RisaRuthDesigns’ Orange Spider Shoe Clips $24 USD

MystitchandKitsch Rockabilly Burlesque Nautical Stripe Shoe Bow

Hello Sailor! MyStitchandKitsch’s Rockabilly Burlesque Nautical Stripe Shoe Bow Clips with Red Anchor $15.16USD

For the occasions when OVER THE TOP is the exact right amount:

Dress2ImpressEtsy Curled Peacock Feathers

Dress2ImpressEtsy’s Curled Peacock Feathers and Crystal Brooch Blue Green Navy Shoe Clips  $61 USD

And because there is nothing you can’t find on the internet…

LaterOperator Circus Baby Shoeclips

LaterOperator’s Circus Baby Shoe Clips $25 USD

How great are shoe clips?! They really make sense of investing in good quality, classic shoes. If you’ve got great basics, you can do all the bedazzling you like with a few pairs of shoe clips here and there! Happy shoe-clipping!

♥ AS

Have you rocked some shoe clips before? What occasion could you really see shoe clips working? Tell us below!


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