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January 1 2014

Welcome to the Sublime Finds blog!Shopping bags

It’s no secret that this blogger loves THINGS. As a passionate shopper, there’s nothing I enjoy more than finding the *perfect* outfit/gift/gadget/piece. There is enormous satisfaction in getting it right when you invest your hard-earned money and valuable time shopping!

But it ain’t always easy. We’ve all had days when you head to the shops (physically or online) with a specific item in mind (“I need a present for Mum”, “I want to find the perfect pair of white shorts”, “Where’s the best Christmas t-shift for my dog?”, “I’m looking for a magenta chaise”) only to be left frustrated and somehow further away from your goal than where you began. Distracted by shiny things and a little lost, it’s easy for shopping to go from fun-recreational-activity to activity-to-be-avoided.

Hark! This is where Sublime Finds can help!

At the Sublime Finds blog, you can expect reviews (on the hottest new prodz* and the very best dealz**), clues (on where to find that THING you are looking for), shoes (because who doesn’t love shoes?) and responses to requests from youse (clutching at the rhyming straws here)!

So stand by, consumers! The most sublime of the finds are coming to you here!

♥ AS

** deals. Gah, who talkz like thiz!?


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